Residents of Biocitech Immobilier



A pioneer in preventive health solutions aimed at healthcare establishments.


Service and support company for experimental pathology studies.


Biotechnology think tank in France.


Specialised in the study of mitochondria alterations.


French branch of the R&D unit of the Galapagos Group based in Mechelen, Belgium.


Development of innovative tools for diagnosis and research laboratories.

Sleep Apnea Biotech Innovation

R&D in the issue of sleep apnoea and related cardiovascular complications.


Specialised in bioavailability and toxicity studies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, daily use and chemical products.


Molecular characterisation service using NMR and Mass Spectrometry technologies.

OCT Sante

Company specialising in the transportation of biological and pharmaceutical products.

Spectralys innovation

Development and marketing of rapid diagnosis solutions in food quality.


Metabolium proposes innovative natural food supplements to deal with nutritional deficiencies and the massive dissemination of chemical molecules.


Actolis is a consulting and training firm exclusively dedicated to the medical fields (pharma, cosmetics, MD, biotechnology). Our young or experienced, and always enthusiastic, teams work throughout France.


AGELEC has been a specialist for almost 60 years in audiovisual imagery. A designer of top-of-the-range turnkey solutions for large format displays in demanding environments such as control, crisis and collaborative rooms.

In Situ

In Situ Environnement is an engineering and auditing company specialising in the fields of hospital hygiene, environmental hygiene, sterile rooms and the quality and treatment of air in work premises.


An integral part of the Tunstall Healthcare group, the world leader in connected healthcare solutions, Tunstall Vitaris is the leading telecare provider in France with more than 145,000 subscribers.
The Romainville agency manages subscribers linked to the Seine Saint Denis telecare public service contract.


REGULAXIS SAS was founded in September 2013 by Dr Claude CARELLI, a renowned specialist with 30 years’ experience in the field of peptides. It develops innovative therapies based on a new concept: patented hybrid peptides obtained by chemical synthesis. The first therapeutic application currently in development will be used to repair damaged joint cartilage (in particular in knee osteoarthritis) in an area where current treatments are currently only symptomatic.


Nexdot was created in 2010 at the prestigious Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles of the City of Paris to promote the discoveries made within its Physics and Materials laboratory.
A prize-winner of the world innovation contest, Nexdot currently brings together several dozens of researchers at the Biocitech centre in Romainville. It offers innovative solutions based on nanoparticles for the emission of very pure light for display systems as well as infrared light detection.


Pherecydes isolates and develops bacteriophages to create therapeutic treatments to cure bacterial infections.
Bacteriophages are natural predators of bacteria. There are more bacteriophages than any other organism on Earth. They are present in water and land environments (hence the name natural phages). They are viruses that exclusively infect bacteria. They are not capable of infecting a eukaryotic cell and are inoffensive to humans, animals, plants, fish, etc.