When in 1909, Gaston Roussel discovered Hémostyl®- the first anti-anaemic treatment based on his research on the blood of the horses he raised, he could not have imagined that he was sealing the fate of BIOCITECH.

Following the success of his discovery, in 1920 the ISH (Institut de Sérothérapie Hématopïétique) factory moved next to the Romainville stables, the Carnine Lefrancq company and the Fumouze laboratories. It was, in some ways, a foretaste of the technological park…

UCLAF joined the site in 1927 while its Rhône-Poulenc competitor was being set up.

In 1947, Gaston Roussel and Henry Prénau founded the Sofrapen company (Société française de pénicilline) whose modern premises were built opposite the UCLAF building.

Strengthened by its international expansion, namely due to the creation of Cortancyl®, a cortisone obtained by hemi-synthesis, all of these structures were grouped into the Roussel-UCLAF group in 1952.

After the death of Jean-Claude Roussel, in 1972, the pharmaceutical company was taken over by Hoechst. Ten years later, the French State took a majority stake in the company before selling off its shares in 1992 to Rhône-Poulenc.

In 2000, in the wake of several mergers, Aventis was created and the landscape of Romainville was drastically changed with the relocation of several research activities.

But a re-industrialisation agreement signed with the Prefect injected new life into the site and saw the emergence of BIOCITECH in 2003.

For better management, and better reception, of residents, BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER manages the rental and services aspects of the businesses it hosts.


2003-2010: Creation and introduction of the residential experience

The Biocitech park received its first residents.

2010 – December 2013: The renewal of BIOCITECH

Biocitech evolved and developed resources to support the entrepreneurial experience of biotechnology and healthcare industries, and of its residents.


Biocitech participated in the creation of the project incubator, Bond’Innov, unique in sensitive urban zones. It gives business creators, particularly in biotechnology, the opportunity to set up their business in the Seine-Saint-Denis département and provides them with the skills and resources to support them in their entrepreneurial experience.

2012 – July

Biocitech and Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris hospitals – AP-HP) signed a cooperation agreement to accelerate the creation and scientific development of new life science businesses. Project leaders from AP-HP could benefit from easy access to the Biocitech premises whereas residents of the park could benefit from access to the technological innovations of AP-HP.


BIOCITECH and the CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris – Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry) signed a service provision agreement. The CCIP provides economic information and industrial property monitoring services. The agreement sets out the setting up of the Netbiotech network, a group of companies in the Biocitech park. Members of Netbiotech meet several times a year to discuss best practices, with the support of the CCIP.

Since December 2015: development phase

Sanofi and Caisse des Dépôts, the sole shareholder today via BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER, signed an agreement on development work at BIOCITECH.