Auditorium Biocitech

BIOCITECH is a biotechnology, healthcare and environmental “cité”, a “living place in the city” like Cité des Sciences or Cité du cinéma.

BIOCITECH is a “cité” a living place, adapted to business development in the fields of biotechnology, biopharmacy, bio-IT, diagnostics, medical devices and equipment, imagery, environment as well as scientific and technological services established there.

As a “Cité”, BIOCITECH is also required to host small and large businesses working in related areas.

Besides its role as a property manager, BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER, the property manager of BIOCITECH, creates a genuine high performance eco-system, fostering development of the companies within its park:

  • BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER is committed to its resident companies, is present and provides a secure environment.
  • BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER is a catalyst of success which contributes to the success of businesses in their “entrepreneurial” endeavours and at “service” levels.
  • BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER isclose to the employees of its residents and brings them together fostering complementarity and synergies for businesses working at the heart of innovation
  • BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER, while remaining in its core business, understands innovation and innovates itself, for the “cité” and its residents.
  • BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER is receptive and is capable of adaptingto support businesses in their journey to success (basic all-inclusive package or bespoke options, pooling of equipment, etc.)
  • BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER shows its solicitude by being available to support the company while maintaining its autonomy

The expertise of BIOCITECH IMMOBILIER, in adapting premises to needs while complying with regulatory requirements in the industry, allows resident companies to focus exclusively on the development of their projects and growth of their business.

The mindset of BIOCITECH and its range of services, such as the gym, cafeteria or the organisation of conferences and symposiums encourage encounters between residents, experience swapping, networking… in an informal and friendly atmosphere.


Through BIOCITECH’s complete range of services and its structured environment, power of innovation is indissociable from the mindset of resident companies. It is the common denominator of the ecosystem.

BIOCITECH is a site integrated into the networks of stakeholders in the local Biotech/Healthcare sector, evidenced by:

  • cooperation with the IRD to the benefit of the Bond’Innov incubator
  • apartnership agreement with the CCI Région Paris Ile de France (greater Paris area chamber of commerce and industry)
  • Participation, as a member of the Medicen Paris RégionCap DigitalSystematic and CEVIBIO

With other structures in the greater Paris area, Biocitech is a member of the Medicen Paris Region, the international competitiveness cluster for healthcare and new therapies.


Founded in 2005, the aim of the Systematic cluster is to make the greater Paris area one of the few territories taking visible action on the global level in terms of the design, production and control of complex systems. The Cluster is both a “technological innovation factory” through R&D projects and an innovation cluster, rooted in the greater Paris area.

The main institutional organisations in the greater Paris area are also involved: Seine Saint-Denis départemental council, Chambre de commerce de Paris (Paris Chamber of Commerce), Est Ensemble urban community…

BIOCITECH currently hosts 27 businesses and targets 50 in the current state of its availabilities. BIOCITECH has forged strong links with the local network of small and medium businesses and enjoys a robust relationship with academic teams.